Rays of Sunshine Wish

The General Concept

Zain is a 16 year old boy from the UK, who has been seriously ill and connected to the Rays of Sunshine charity. He is obsessed with photography and his big wish was to have his work exhibited in a real gallery once. Through the ROS “Granting Magical Wishes” program, Moyosa wanted to make sure that Zain’s wish would finally become a reality…

We created a very industrial looking gallery, that does not take away from Zain’s talented photographic work, and kept the information panes to a minimum, letting his stunning photographs speak for themselves.


The result of our efforts could not have come at a better time, when Zain suffered a terrible loss during COVID. The gallery lifted his spirits and he was incredibly proud and happy to see his work displayed in such a powerful, oversized way, in a gallery concept he can easily share on partner websites, but also through whatsapp with a simple link to friends and family. We’re very proud to have granted Zain his big wish!

Visit the beautiful art gallery below

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