The General Concept

Woov App is an awesome festival app that enables you to find your way in the festival universe. We created a completely customised Augmented Reality layer which allows you to find and locate specific content in an innovative and intuitive way.

Never lose a friend again

At festivals it’s easy to lose sight of all your friends. By combining Augmented Reality with innovative design we succeeded in creating a way to never lose friends again. By holding up your phone, users can literally see friends popup on the screen. Within the AR layer the app will show the direction and distance of each friend. Just start walking in the direction of the icon on screen and you will find that specific friend easily. By clicking on a friend, a user can send a message within the app to that friend or view a friend’s profile.

Stage info and timeline

Next to finding friends, the AR implementation will also unlock different event stages of that specific festival. By locating and clicking on a stage icon, users can see what artist is currently playing, what artist is next and even open the full line-up of that particular stage. This view will also show you which of your friends are currently located at the selected stage. A lot of friends present? It’s probably a good idea to take a look!



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