ŠKODA’s first electric conceptcar
debutes on Shanghai Motor Show 2017

The General Concept

To achieve as much reach as possible and create an experience in line with ŠKODA’S vision on innovation, Moyosa Media was asked to create a virtual reality experience for the VISION E.

The idea is to create an innovative experience implementing several technique’s touching the boundary of what is possible. The story of the experience is to let users experience the new Vision E through an interactive experience while explaining the idea behind the conceptcar and showing important features in the process.

We decided to divide the launch of the VISION E into two projects, respectively the Teaser phase and the Magic world. The Teaser phase consists of a series of mobile applications for Daydream, iOS and Android. The Magic World is a release for HTC Vive, both single player as well as multiplayer.

Teaser Phase

To create a buzz before the launch of the VISION E on the Shanghai Motorshow we created the teaser phase. We did this by sending out ŠKODA branded packages containing a Daydream, a Moto Z phone and specific information to (preselected) targeted people. We wanted to build attention by making ambassadors write about the launch of the new ŠKODA VISION E.

The concept is to have a single app preinstalled on the phone. On the first day the app doesn’t show much information about the car. During a period of one week, four scheduled updates were configured. Every update had new app functionality allowing the user to unlock more (visual) information about the VISION E.

Apart from the Daydream app, this phase consists of two other applications, one for Android and one for iOS. Every application is optimised for a specific platform and target group. The mobile application are conceptually identical to the Daydream.

Magic World

The main launch of the VISION E is done on the Shanghai Motorshow 2017 with a never before seen interactive experience through Virtual Reality. During this experience we explain the general concept and the key features of the new VISION E. Next to the experience on the Shanghai Motorshow we simultaneous released the experience on several key locations across the globe creating a true global launch!

Conceptstory – Driven by Positive Energy

Without electricity, no electrical impulses, without electrical impulses, no brain to create innovative design. The idea behind the new ŠKODA VISION E is Positive Energy. With this in mind we created several applications to accommodate the wide spread target group.

We wanted to let people use their own positive energy and experience the reveal of the VISION E together with others. With this in mind we created a HTC Vive experience for a total of four simultaneous users. Each user has it’s own part in the storyline and no collaboration means no reveal. In the experience each user can see the other three users interacting with the scene, for example: forming their own ball of positive energy created from a little spark.

From spark to massive Positive Energy

In the HTC Vive experience, once the experience starts, each user sees a spark of energy forming in front of them. This spark evolves into four separate sparks moving towards each user. At this point the voiceover tells each user to feed the spark and let it grow by forming a ball of energy with their hands. Once the energy ball has been giving enough energy, the user can use his or her own hands in Virtual Reality to push it towards the center of the scene. The ball starts to move and once it hits the car the energy is absorbed and that section of the car starts to reveal. Each user will push the ball to their own section and after all energy is absorbed, the car will be revealed in full.

Beams of light

After the reveal of the VISION E the car manoeuvres away from the user and rides a path so that it stops in front of the user showing the front of the car. At this point a voiceover explains a key element of the design, namely the crystalline headlights. The user can touch the headlights after which they light up and give an impression on what they look like. In the next step, the user is instructed to touch the ŠKODA logo and unleash the energy. A spark emerges from the logo and bursts to the sky creating beams of light all around the scene.

Crystal Cave

Now that the lightbeams are gone the car drives away and rotates to the back stopping in front of the user. This time the user can touch the bohemian crystal line light. After touching the light a crystal cave appears around the user. These crystals are a representation of the crystals in the design of the taillight and are interactive. With both hands the user can light up the cave by touching these crystals creating a unique spectacle of light and sound.

Fancy a ride?

Now that the cars exterior key features are explained, the user is invited to step in the car. In the real world we placed an identical car seat as shown within the experience allowing the user to actually sit down in virtual reality. The VISION E has automatically opening and closing doors allowing the user to actually step inside the car. Next, the experience will take the user for a ride. A voiceover explains the interior features while a spark of energy guides the user visually to the points of interest.

Interior design

With the user already sitting in the car, the voiceover starts explaining the interior and innovative design. Firstly the spark will attract attention to the console explaining why it is more than just a dashboard, it is the drivers companion with unparalleled innovation.
” The center of the console is controllable with gesture control allowing the user to change tracks for instance. The Vision E technology will monitor the drivers health and vitality. “ During the ride the user can look around and explore every detail of the inside of the car. At one point the spark will move towards the glass roof while a voiceover explains the idea around the spacious design of the car.

Interior light

ŠKODA knows how much light affects mood. That’s why the interior lighting designed with crystal elements wil create an ambience that will lift the users spirit every time they drive. During the ride, the car enters a tunnel which makes the surroundings darker and the interior light comes to it’s full potential.


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