The General Concept

As a key part of its positioning, Ørsted, the largest Danish energy company, have been running its “Love your home” campaigns which is focussed a world that runs entirely on green energy.

The overview effect is a cognitive shift in awareness reported by some astronauts during spaceflight, often while viewing the Earth from outer space. Ørsted’s aim was to expand its VR film portfolio with an experience that both supports the company’s vision and enables the viewer to develop a deeper connection to planet Earth and support the message of ‘Love your home’.

The overall project objective is to democratize the overview effect in its virtual reality experience and on a broader level to inspire people to love their home. For this pitch, we were asked to produce the landing page for the project, together with our good friends at SurroundVision in London

Task scope & deliverables
The Global Branding & Marketing team at Ørsted was looking for a dedicated agency to produce one landing page for the VR/360 experience.

We were asked to:
– finalise wireframe and design of webpage based on sketches made by Ørsted
– produce a landing page ready to be released and digital assets related
– make design and user experience by producing HTML features for the landing page
– be available on the launch date to incorporate any final adjustments


1 very happy client, ready to kick off their campaign att NY Climate week! All of the objectives were reached and in a few weeks we’ll know if they reached their visitor goal for the landing page.


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