Virtual World

The General Concept

In 2020, ISKO commissioned Moyosa to build their first digital showroom experience, which was well received in the market and the company. Phase 2 extends the vision of the ISKO leadership into digital, by building a more designed spatial experience and the company isn’t done yet; more digital spaces and experiences are being worked on!

This latest digital space, emphasises ISKO’s values and commitment to circularity, recycled content, the massive efforts towards sustainability and even into digital fashion. Of course, there is space to show of new collections via digital mannequins and even touch the subject of the arts.

World of Sustainability

All in all, this phase two of ISKO’s digital showroom experience is a more rounded one, showing the company’s values, collection and beautiful design through Moyosa Spaces’ features such as virtual LED screens, WorldSpace information panels, walls used as storytelling canvases and more. Another great Moyosa Spaces project!

Visit the beautiful virtual world below

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