The General Concept

Hornbach wanted to explore a new and innovative idea to introduce the new Hornbach store in Amsterdam. We answered the question by creating an Augmented Reality Experience where people can win a meet and greet with Max Verstappen by going through the app and unlocking specific content.

Find the markers

To complete the challenge users have to find five markers between 120.000 store items. These markers a spread throughout the store. By doing this users are introduced to all significant core values of Hornbach.

When the markers is scanned Mr. Hornbach appears on the screen as if he is standing in the corridor. Mr. Hornbach then explains the core value. After this introduction Max Verstappen appears and congratulates the user with finding the marker.

Meet and greet with Max Verstappen

If the user completes the challenge he or she can enter the contest to win a meet and greet by logging in with Facebook or email. At the end of the duration of the experience one winner is picked.

The Markers

Within the app users have to scan certain markers.
These markers are placed on the floor throughout the store.
If the user scans such a marker, Mr. Hornbach appears on screen as if he is standing there.

” Hornbach is always looking for innovative solutions “



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