The General Concept

For our newest UK partner agency XYdrobe, we were asked to develop a consumer engagement piece for Givenchy’s newest sneaker for the summer of 2022; the TK 360 knit sneaker! Innovative sneakers in all-over technical mesh, this was a great opportunity for us to show what web XR can do for the fashion industry, by working with our platform partners and web animations.

Users can be triggered to experience this fantastic new sneaker, a follow up to the first weave sock sneaker, in web AR, by pointing their phone at the store location, triggering an animation which weaves the shoe from scratch and creates a 3D model, which can be viewed all around and sized for better viewing.


Working with XYdrobe and Givenchy, this experience was a great tool to support the launch of the TK360 in various store locations, countries and languages. We love playing with XR for campaigns and this is a great example of how web XR can be utilized for exactly that! Another cool example under our belt!

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