"We help our clients reinvent themselves for a digitally enhanced world, in which time and place become irrelevant in order to experience brands in a fun and engaging way.
We do this by building intuitive, engaging and fun digital experiences, which are optimised for our clients’ strategic and operational goals."

Maikel Sibbald - Founder


We believe in providing a fun, innovative and flexible work environment, where people are challenged to grow and explore collectively and individually.

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Joël Kremer

CMO / Partner

Joel joined Moyosa as a partner, after first being a client and bringing the award winning Kremer Museum VR project onboard. With a background at Google UK & NL, Joel has over 20 years experience in online business.


Maikel Sibbald

MD / Co Founder

Maikel is our founder and CEO. Having worked in tech for over 15 years in NL and the US, Maikel has always loved the 3D space. Growing with the market from 360 imagery to VR and today masters the full range of 3D and XR technology solutions.

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Freek van der Helm


Freek is our CTO, coming to Moyosa from a position as a mobile developer at ATOS. Freek has an incredible eye for detail and organisation, and has been managing the tech team for the past 2 years. He knows the technology behind creative ideas and solutions like no other and brings a ton of experience to the digital table.

The team

We believe in a diverse team, who bring a pro-active, agile and positive attitude to our clientbase, combined with a desire to push boundaries and break conventionality.


Jessica Sinnathamby

Management Assistent

After a successful internship helping us structure our office in a more efficient way, Jessica stayed on to help our management team, as is already unmissable! She loves to organize parties for the team (and herself!), social media and her family.

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Simon Klinkenberg

Senior 3D Artist

Simon is our lead 3D artist, creating photo realistic objects and environments from scratch, and polishing them to perfection. Some clients have said they find it hard to distinguish Simon’s work from reality; that’s what we LOVE to hear!

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Vincent Huisman

Senior Developer

Vincent is our silent talent and electric scooter fanatic. Vinnie programs applications to house the 3D work our team, so that clients can enjoy the experience. He also co-organizes the yearly “Game Jam” in Groningen, attracting game-developer talent from all over the Northern region.

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Harrie Keen

3D Artist

Harrie is our hardware guy, who always knows how to consult on the newest tech solutions for our clients. But Harrie is also a Keen 3D modeller, transforming our homemade 3D digital models into workable objects across digital platforms, ranging from VR to AR and social platforms.

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Calin Balmez

UX Designer

Calin is our newest team member, joining Moyosa early on in 2020. Calin is a UX designer and fresh out of university, applying his theories about UX to Moyosa projects for our clients’ experiences.

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Leroy Freeth


Programmer by day, fire performer by night! Leroy has a varied background in design, 3d, animation and (web)development. At Moyosa he has been and will continue to focus on Unreal, 3D, vr dev,  tool building/Pipeline improvements & (virtual) cinematography

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Boris van de Bilt


Boris’ specialties are Front end web development, particularly user interfaces with animations. Oh, and he loves 3D! In his spare time, he fixes up classic motorbikes (and rides them!), making and listening to music, movies and sailing.


Randy Wind


Randy is always smiling, passionate for programming, film making and game development both creative and coding aspects. He loves a challenge, going down the rabbit hole solving complex problems. At Moyosa he is involved wherever needed or focused on R&D. He Drinks coffee with honey and tea..


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