New interactions

The tech market has never been as booming as today, with new platforms, screens, hardware and software coming out on an almost daily basis. Keeping up can be hard and complicated. Luckily, we are addicted to keeping up with the newest and coolest gadgets, screens and creative engagement opportunities. With an entire slack channel dedicated to just these updates from global news sources, we are well prepared to sit at any creative brainstorm with our partners. Always ready to bring fresh new ideas and solutions to the table!

New interactive screens

We love coming up with new and creative ways to utilise screens and particularly screen interactions. Combining our “ear to the ground” mentality & our agile team of developers, we come up with screen solutions to match any creative team’s wildest ideas. From touch to NFC, rectangular and square to curved, globes and projection hardware: we will find the best solution to fit your vision.

Motion tracking technologies

We love utilising human interaction recognition technology, such as facial and body gestures, usually combined with other hardware solutions and platforms. Machines recognising human movement can be used across verticals, from Food and Retail, to cultural & entertainment experiences and even B2B service or training concepts.

Scanning technologies

In order to digitise objects and even environments, we always have a choice to make: do we build (models in 3D) or do we scan? Depending on the object, the level of detail needed, the timeframe and budget, we find the most suitable solution for our clients and choose from a range of technologies tried and tested. This includes partnering with specialist companies, we provide us with the output needed to create our experiences


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