Immersive Experiences

When people think about an immersive experience, the first thing that comes to mind is a VR headset, or large connected screens showing beautiful visuals and you as a visitor being inside the room, surrounded by the beauty. Whilst this is certainly an important element, “immersiveness” is so much broader than only screens. Think about everything one can experience through sensory applications, physical and digital object interaction and interactive storytelling.

And at Moyosa, we even consider 3D environments viewed via a webbrowser to be “immersive”, as they strongly add to the users’ experience when connecting to a brand.

XR: AR, VR and MR technologies

Traditionally, we come from the world of Virtual Reality. This is where we have created groundbreaking and award winning experiences for large brands. But the amazing thing in developing in the XR spectrum is that you get to reuse and play with the same assets across it. So when we created the world’s first ever VR old master museum, we were able to use assets for AR as well. And when we created car showrooms, in VR, many assets could be reused and shown in MR or AR. Even though we have grown to use other technologies as well, at our core, we love XR because it is the basis of how we see the worlds of brands and consumers connecting going forward!

Social AR filters & effects

AR currently has the broadest application of the 3 XR pillars, simply because an overwhelming majority of people have an AR ready smart device. And most social media platforms are now offering users the chance to create fun and engaging effects on their platforms by connecting the device cameras to its mobile apps.

And whether you are looking to utilise AR effects on Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat; Moyosa is an accredited partner of all social media platforms and we can create a solution tailored to your goals.

3D model viewing in AR

“3D models are the new JPG” is our newest mantra, and so next to (re)creating objects in 3D, Moyosa is leading the way in engaging digital visitors by offering model viewers, which have the ability to project the digital 3D model into the physical 3D world via smart devices. Th engagement and opportunities this creates for brands is incredible and we’re seeing it in our product demos and projects every day


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