The world of 3D, although easy in usage, is a lot more complex than other technologies until now. When building a website or an app, all elements were designed in 2D or flat, whereas VR, AR, 360 and many other experiences that utilise 3D dimensions are more complicated, just by adding another axis or dimension. Much more thought and planning goes into conceptualising the idea, the UX, the UI, different engines and platforms and even coding.

With our experienced teams of developers and 3D artists, we have successfully completed projects for small, medium and large companies, ranging across technologies, coding languages and disciplines, which positions us perfectly to advise you on 3D projects, from beginning to end.


Our vision for the future, now more than ever, is that companies need a digital strategy in order to reach their preferred audiences. The younger generations are so digitally capable, that any brand-, marketing-, or sales strategy without a digital component, is bound to fail. This is why we have formulated a vision where we “help our clients reinvent themselves for a digitally enhanced world, in which time and place become irrelevant in order to experience brands in a fun and engaging way”

We start by listening and help you clearly define your problem and then layout potential solutions together, with your stakeholder teams and partners. This way, you’ll be able to decide on the right way forward.


XR technology

Augmented (AR), Virtual (VR) and Mixed (MR) reality is usually named in the market under the umbrella term “XR”, which stands for “EXtended Reality”. Rooted in 3D thinking, 3D environments and objects, this technology is gaining popularity first by big-tech getting into VR hardware, and more recently into AR through their own platforms. Facebook has built the SPARK AR platform and Apple & Google enabled 3D models to be projected into reallife environments by offering their own 3D file formats, and pushing special AR viewers onto their iOS and Android platforms. All in all, this has caused a significant shift in creative thinking for brands and their agencies. Moyosa has extensive experience in utilising and building XR technology concepts. We als partner with the large XR related hardware and platform companies.


The hardware markets are changing at a pace which has never been seen before. When launching the award winning Kremer Museum in 2017, in order to demo it, the Moyosa team needed a 35kg flightcase, housing all hardware required to demo this amazing VR experience. 1 year later, Oculus launched the Oculus Go; a mobile, headset and again 1 year later, the “Quest” all in one headset was launched, enabling full freedom of movement. This is a prime example of how rapidly hardware keeps evolving and we see this in other hardware areas as well. Moyosa’s team thrives on figuring out the correct hardware solutions for our clients. We have done that successfully for retail store concepts, private art collections, Industrial machine manufacturers, global top 100 sports and luxury brands, top global automotive brands and others.

Creative technologies

We pride ourselves as being extremely agile and love exploring new technologies and combining them with our skillsets. This is how we’ve won numerous awards, get invited to speak at events globally and join partner programs, such as the SPARK AR partner program & the SNAP creative partner program.

We also partner with a few creative digital agencies, where we serve as exclusive 3D consultants and producers of 3D & XR content. We’re always looking to partner with high quality agencies, so feel free to reach out and let’s talk!

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