Augmented reality, or “AR”, refers to a simple combination of the real world and a virtual (computer-generated) world. The technology ‘augments’ or adds to that real-world image with extra layers of digital information. Those of us who enjoy watching television coverage of sport will already have experienced a basic form of augmented reality, for example by commentators drawing lines around soccer players movements or formula 1 cars, so that you see those lines laid over your screen at home.

In this article, we will focus on what we call “mobile AR”, which uses smart devices such as iPhones, iPads and Android devices for AR.


Apple and Google have realized the importance and potential of 3D models and AR, and have developed their own file formats to display digital 3D models. For Apple these are called USDZ and for Android (Google) they are called GLB files. These file formats allow 3D digital models to be loaded into a real environment by your phone or tablet, placed onto a surface and you can explore the model in 3D, by zooming it in and out (pinching) and walking around it 360 degrees. You can embed these files into your apps and websites to let users see incredible detailed renderings, including reflections of real world surroundings in shiny virtual objects.


We are seeing a strong demand for the usage of mobile AR across various verticals.


Using AR to show products in your own live environment. This can range from art, canvas photos or furniture in your office or house, to shoes and apparel on your body.


Showcase your full suite of products, large or small at trade fairs without the costly travel logistics or train new personnel on the inner workings of complicated factory machines.

Live events

Attend the biggest industry events around the globe, without travelling and from the efficiency and comfort of your own office or home, 24/7.


Explore cities, monuments, resorts and impossible places by using AR doorportals.

Below are some demo examples of what Moyosa can do for your business using AR technology.
Open this page on your iOS device and play around with them!

Click to play

Mercedes-Benz 500K Spezial Roadster

Click to play

Nike fitting model

Click to play

Industrial packaging machine

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